Our History

  • 25 Year's Experience

25 Years That Shaped Who We Are Today!

Since its foundation in 1996, CERT has been at the forefront of national development, through life-long learning and technology solutions that deliver value for leading organizations in the UAE and the region. We are uniquely positioned at the intersection of academia, industry, and government, offering integrated solutions that contribute to industry competitiveness and government excellence.

Our success is attributed to a strong commitment to providing our clients with world-class, bespoke programs, aligned to global standards, which increase employability rates, improve talent retention, enhance talent development and develop a competitive advantage for our partner organizations.

At CERT we have set our sights on trusted sustainable partnerships in the creation of a knowledge-based economy in the UAE, spearheading innovations for our clients across all economic sectors.

+25 Years

Established in 1996


Faculty & Staff




Advancing UAE’s aspirations in knowledge building, life-long learning and technological innovation and delivering economic and strategic value to HCT.


Delivering innovative solutions and programs in life-long learning and technology development as a capacity-building partner for the nation.



Customer Centricity

We believe in building a culture that creates value for our customers, by actively engaging in dialogical communication, to understand their needs and design fit-for-purpose services and solutions.


We are uncompromising in our commitment to excellence across all our functions and services.


We believe that reliability and integrity are the foundation of successful relationships, demonstrated through honesty and good faith in our delivery and actions.

Team Work

We value the involvement and connection with people, developing a participatory and positive environment focused on delivering value to our clients and partners.

Awards & Recognitions

HRSE Mark of Excellence Award

The HRSE Summit & Expo is the MENA's most prestigious event within the Human Resources and Talent Development industry. CERT received the HRSE Mark of Excellence Award in recognition of the national impact of its Emiratization programs, particularly the Mubadala "Train for Work Program".

"The Mark of Excellence award acknowledges the contribution of each member of the CERT team, whose efforts and dedication made this achievement possible. CERT was privileged to work with the Mubadala Investment Company, one of the most distinguished leaders in Human Capital Development and Emiratization, in jointly paving the way for young Emirati leaders helping to shape the future of our nation." Dr. Mohamad Baka.

The Business Continuity Champions Award

Dr. Mohamed Baka, CEO of CERT said "The Business Continuity Champions award embodies our efforts over the course of the pandemic to ensure the continuity of learning and business for our stakeholders by placing their safety first and launching the first online platform to deliver vocational and technical training in the region -Menasati."

Best M-Government Service

CERT is the recipient of the "Best M-Government Service Award", an annual global award, which aims to highlight breakthroughs in government services through mobile applications. The "Best m-Government Service Award" is open for all governments globally.

Our Partners

Global Leading Partners

The CERT Group of Companies leverages unique relationships with global leading partners to provide a wide range of services in education & training, technology and applied research, to the public and private sector in the UAE and the region. Our ability to work closely with local and federal government officials has enabled us to launch impactful programs across the UAE.