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Digital Transformation

The UAE is a leader in the formulation of national strategies to promote the adoption of Digital Transformation Service Provider in key areas of the economy.

There is a growing global concern regarding the impact, Automation and AI will have on jobs. In this context, the development of capabilities and advanced skills becomes imperative for the UAE. We believe that the key to success in the activation of AI strategies starts with people and the development of their skills for the jobs of the future, prioritizing the interface between machines and humans.


What We Offer

CERT has garnered expertise over the past two decades to channel organizational strategy and resources, and lead a futuristic digital transformation journey by navigating technological disruptions across products, services, markets, segments, industry and economy. We transcend and cascade strategies, correlate and digitalize system-wide integrated optimization synergy endeavors vis-à-vis business applications with successful, agile, cost-effective and enterprising initiatives.

CERT partnered successfully and productively with pioneering and leading regional and global entities; led organizational changes by designing, developing and operationalizing digital visions and solutions, transformational roadmaps and platform strategies. We enhance cross-functional business and operating models with emphasis on emerging fields of AI, Blockchain, Fintech, Big Data, Cybersecurity, VAT and Tax Analytics to enhance and harness customer experience, business performance, sustainability and innovation outcomes.